The next Rotherham course will start in September 2019. The training sessions will run from 7-9pm on Wednesday evenings (monthly) and from 10am – 4:30pm on three Saturdays throughout the year. The dates for the next course are displayed on the right (or below on smaller devices). This face-to-face training will include a range of teaching styles, including up-front teaching, group discussions, Q&A time, role-plays and more.

There will also be a Digital Learning Environment (DLE) for students to access throughout the course. This will include links to assignment details, training session notes, online documents, journals, articles and videos. Paper copies of this material will be made available for students without Internet access. There will also be online forums for students to take part in, as well as the opportunity to upload their completed work through the website.

Each student will be expected to have the full support of their local church, and a member of their church should act as their line manager / supervisor, whose role is:

  • To line manage the student effectively
  • To provide encouragement, practical support and pastoral support as necessary
  • To undertake one observation per term
  • To ensure that the student has relevant experiences and opportunities to complete a full portfolio over the year.

At the end of the course, students working towards the Certificate will have submitted six written assignments and produced a portfolio of learning.

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