Aurora Students "The modules are great. A really wide variety and crucial topics."
"It surpassed my expectations!"
"The course has been laid back and fun, but serious when it needed to be. A good balance of teaching."
"We have totally changed the structure of our Kidzone sessions and incorporated lots of new ideas."
"I am now a lot more confident and have a lot more tools in my toolbox."
"I have really enjoyed the course - it has inspired me and filled me with enthusiasm."
- Quotes from Aurora students, 2017-2018.

John Sentamu In the Church we sometimes need to relearn how to enable our young people to meet with Jesus and not to get in their way! The Aurora Courses offer practical training for volunteer youth and children's workers. If you want to be a part of this amazing ministry of helping young people and children wanting to meet with Jesus, Aurora offers a great base to pick up the skills and knowledge to grow in ministry. Go for it!
- The Archbishop of York, Dr John Sentamu